Rape is a spectrum

All the men I have ever met have opposed rape. They even say they cannot understand it. Why would someone … More

The beauty of hindsight

The 2009 journalistic-political drama “State of Play” has brief scene at a hamburger joint where this sign was hanging. The … More

Xenophobia at the Academy

Xenophobia at the academy Leiden University’s Unwanted International Students republished in Leiden’s student newspaper: http://www.mareonline.nl/archive/2018/10/18/opinion-xenophobia-at-the-academy             Welkom! This word was repeated … More

To Strike Down Idols

To strike down idols: the musical convergence of Serge Gainsbourg and Ziad Rahbani Et chaque fois les feuilles mortes    … More

En avoir marre

Children come to realize that existence is pain once they find out that during the summer it’s too hot and … More