All nation-states are shit: an illustrated prose-poem for children

United States of Poop

A nation-state can be a federation of shit

The Europoop Contest

Or a union of shit

Poop pretending to be charming

Even if it makes maple syrup, it’s still shit

Settler colonialist poop

It can justify its shit using one religion

Genocide denier poop

Or justify its shit using another

Casual poop, yet still poop

It can be pseudo-democratic shit

Poop occupying Tibet

Or one-party shit

This poop is on fiiiiire

A lot of people distinguish between different types of shit and put some shit on fire in the name of some other shit.

Now this poop is on fiiiire

Then the people who unify under that other shit get angry and put their enemy’s shit on fire.

It becomes a narcissistic shit fight grown-ups call “diplomatic shit”.

Some may have started reading this by laughing at the shit-take at the U.S. flag

Then became angry when they saw their own nation-state flag shit-taken. 

The fact is, if we stopped giving a shit about any form of chauvinistic pride of ethnocentrism, the world would be a less shitty place.

The biggest enabler of poop

Just because we’re told to politely respect nation-states in the name of sustaining some kind of shit order, down with them all. True anarchism shits on flags.

Anti-fa-poos unite!


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