Skin-toned poop emojis


Because putting skin tones on any emoji is kind of stupid

People never looked like yellow balls without noses

It seems emojis want to reach a kind of realism that was never meant for them

Soon we will have photographic realist emojis and people might as well become yellow balls without noses. 

Black people using virtual black thumb- up and white people using virtual white thumbs-up when there aren’t even any physical thumbs. Aren’t virtual thumbs-up just an icon communicating a thought from sender to receiver? Now from “yes I agree, communicate visually”, we’ve gone to “yes, I agree, communicate visually— which color should I pick?”. And do we really need to classify people’s skin color with Patone numbers? 

A white anthropologist told me he was doing fieldwork in a remote village in Nigeria where they hadn’t ever seen a white man. They checked his shit to see if it was different from theirs. They were disappointed.

We’re pretty predisposed to be obsessed with difference.

The tech world reminds me of that remote Nigerian village. Combined with a pseudo-pro-diversity marketing strategy.



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