The most popular Jordanian song of the 90s: Tigul Ahwak – تقول اهواك

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Vocalist Suheir Odeh 
Sung in Bedouin dialect (hence tigul and not tiqul or ti’ul), this amazing music video is just ultra-stylish, and the song ultra-catchy. Finding it at 3am one dreary night was what led me to go find and interview Mirage. Here’s the translation:
تقول اهواك
You say ‘I love you
انا مانساك
I will not forget you’
وتروح وما ترجع
And then you leave and don’t come back
تقول تلكون 
[When] you speak you speak wrong
To forget
منفس الحرف الليل 
The way out from the edge of the night
وليلي طويل
 and my night is long
اسأل نجوم الليل
 I ask the stars of the night
ما تجيبو
 They don’t answer
صمت الحجر قاسي
The silence of stones is stiff
وتقول اخطيت
You say ‘I was wrong’
يمكن أكون اخطيت
Maybe I was wrong
And I forgot
وقليبي مش ناسي
But my heart does not forget
تقول اهواك
انا مانساك

وتروح وما ترجع


يركض بينا العمر
 Life is running past us
شاب الشعر
My hair is greying
بتمنى طلتك
 I wish you’d appear  
وابعث مرسال ورا مرسال
I send messenger after messenger 
ما دري تقول حسيت
I don’t know if you will say how you feel
تقولي كلام
You tell me words
احلى من الاحلام
That are sweeter than dreams
And more beautiful
ويضيع معانيه
That lost their meaning
تغيب سنين
You disappear for years
وسنين تغيب وما تسأل
And for years you disappear, and you don’t ask
والعشق لمّا زال
But I still love [you]
يا عمري طال وصعب الحال
My darling, has been long, and my situation is hard..
ما يهدا البال
My mind is not at peace.
Girl Power

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