Her Fractured Self



From a statue head (with two faces) found on the Amman Citadel with a hole in her head for a pole; on the opposite side of her head is a conjoined twin. Ammonite period. About 5 such statue heads have been found, and are interpreted as priestesses of Ba’al.

Unspeakable fractures, which would be deformities in the flesh, are sublimation in stone.

Self-recognition in fractures. The fractured statue is a mirror for the fractured self. 

Fragmentation is said to be at the heart of modernism, but it is inseparable from being.

That which is almost just a beauty interests the eye more than a beauty.

The fracture in the statue, that medium of beauty ideals, of perfection, brings the statue back to time, and thus humanizes the statue.

And yet, by reflecting our humanity, fractures in mediums of idealization are haunting. The resemblance of imperfection is overwhelming.

How fitting, then, that Astarte, goddess of love and sex, manifests herself to us in her hauntingly fractured self.

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