She’s an orientalist! She drew a picture of Petra!


Image (8)


After returning from an oddly arduous journey from Beidha (I went to visit some archaeologists working on the Islamic period site; took a walk around Siq al-Barid with Sama, an 18 year old Ammarin who wanted company; walked and hitch-hiked to Wadi Musa, failed to get into Petra for free, walked and hitch-hiked back to Siq al-Barid — the Ammarin who gave me a lift asked ‘why is there water on your face?’, sat down on the sand and drew the first tomb I could find until I recognized a face from Amman, he was going paragliding, which apparently is illegal in Jordan, and invited me to join, then gave me a lift back to Babylon), jumped into bed,started listening to psychedelic klezmer, and desecrated my a la David Roberts pencil sketch of Petra. I then was propelled to draw some abstract shape based on the scarf I’d just got from Suq al-Juma’, but of course it just so happened to turn into a vulva. There seems to be an odd pattern between me listening to Jewish music and painting these things- it just happens.

Image (12).jpg


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